Lots of editor issues today - Anyone else seeing strange behavior?

The editor is behaving very strangely.

‘Current data’ options not available… then available… then not available…

Making changes to pages not showing up in preview.

Items randomly disappearing from the page in the editor after adding them.

Changing page names appears ok until a browser refresh… after which changes simply revert to what it was previously.

And more.

Basically unusable right now.

Is this common? Anyone else seeing this?



I’m having issues too. A button that I added disappears when I log out and back in, then it won’t show up at all in preview.


I’m having issues saving progress. When I refresh or log in/out my changes are gone. I’m also experiencing issues linking screens and having them stick.

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Hi @Ben,

Not sure if it’s appropriate to flag you to call attention to this? It’s a pretty bad bug - most changes/build being made in the editor is not showing up in preview and not persisting in the editor after a refresh.

It makes any work pointless. Sorry if flagging you here is not cool…


My whole app is not working today. I was planning to publish today. Things aren’t showing up in preview. Half the arrange functions don’t work. Everything is crashing over and over. Boo Hoo

Having the same issues. Changes made in editor mode are not being saved and every screen refresh brings back different app version.

I’m having issues in preview mode & in app also.
Full records not showing in app & on another screen suddenly list disappearing (after 2-3 sec)

Happening again today…

Was fixed for a bit last night. Now it’s back.

As you mentioned in the other thread @scriptchool it should be fixed now. Issues today should have been a lot more limited than last night, since they were only affecting adding new screens, and that was only happening for about an hour.

Anybody still seeing other issues?

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I experience that my changes are not being auto saved. Most of the changes I made disappear so I stopped working on my new app for now.

Yes I am having issues with lists.

Finally, I fixed my app problem today I don’t know what’s wrong with the editor from 2-3 days.
Due to some error in the editor, it changed my all app links & connections. I hope this will not happen again @jeremy

Yes, that was due to some enhancements we have in development. We’ve put some safeguards in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Good to know, thanks