Lottie files as database fields

If you want to assign a specific Lottie file to let’s say a travel destination in your travel app, to show the according Lottie file on the detail page of the travel destination, do you create a database field for it? If yes, what kind? Or is there a better approach? Thanks.

Hello, if your lottie file is extracted from lottiefiles.com, you can create a text property and call it lottie URL. Then you can extract the URL for each file from lottiefiles.com and save it as a record in your database.

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But the Lottie component does not have a magic text option. So I see no way of making it dynamic… am I missing something?

Though it would be a nice feature.

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Thanks @Ali-Bazzi that’s an understandable way of thinking, just like @Rozza says, the Lottie element in Adalo has no magic text feature, so I don’t understand how to use the Lottiefiles URL dynamically. Cool would be storing the json text in the database as an entity and dynamically insert it into the Lottie element… There must be a way :slight_smile: any other workarounds in mind?

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