Make a database photo delete after 24 hours

I am making a social media app where they can post a photo but it will delete the photo or make the photo not appear on the screen after 24 hours how can I do this?

Custom visibility. Only show photos where created date is after 1 day ago.

Or similar filter for list of photos

thx for ur response i dont think i can make a custom visibility for this basically this component on the right in purple is a custom component from - complab using their Instagram story component, the component is using a database where the user can post a story and it will update to that database I don’t see where I can make a custom visibility for 24 hours

haven’t used that component but I imagine you could filter the list that feeds it.

to keep your database size in check you will have to delete photo records older than one day in a sort of batch delete.
Custom list countdown hack

Right now you have current story > image selected.
You need to do current story > created date.

Then you will have time options in the next 2 dropdowns.

Please note this is about visibility, and doesn’t address ‘deleting’ from database. You could bulk delete manually or use something like Integromat to automatically delete them once per day via your app’s API.

Thanks man I’ll give it a try now also can you help me with this question - 10k users in a day - #4 by iGotDinero

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