Customizing Menu Items Screen

Am I the only that’s run up against this problem where you can’t customize a one-size fits all restaurants? For example, I’m using the new Avatar list to list my menu items under its category. For example, all the curries are listed with Avatar List under “Curries,” soup under “Soup,” etc. But, another restaurant might not have the same categories. Each restaurant has their own brand of categories. How do you make this work? As it stands, the section headings that I create for one restaurant will still show up in another restaurant’s Menu Items and it’ll be blank. It looks really bad. Is there a work around? Does the Change visibility work for this? How would I go about doing that?

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 4.54.23 PM|244x499

You could ask each restaurant which categories they want to be displayed. Then use the visibility settings to check if they chose to show it or not. Then hide it if not :slight_smile:

So this means that as my clients sign up and as part of the onboarding process I would have to manually add each restaurant in my database and create a relationship between the restaurant, user and the menu items? The way I created my app, I gave the Admin the ability to create a restaurant, create a menu item, add new menu item, etc. It would be cumbersome for me to have to onboard my clients manually at every sign up once my app is launch and people begin to sign up all over the country and the world would it not?

Why would you need to do it manually? You can create properties in a collection to log the ones they want displayed and then automatically make them visible or not through filters.

Ok. I just gotta figure it out. At this point, I’m still very much confused about that whole thing. :slight_smile:

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