Make modal go away!

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For the Ok button set a action change the input value of that input to 0.

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The ok-button doesnโ€™t change the input value?

Can you send a screen recording of your setup and the output @parksidecreator ? It worked for me.

@parksidecreator for that change input value action keep that value field empty and try .


I have no idea how, but now it functions. The number in the input doesnt change though, but the modal doesnt appear again once ive clicked it away. Strange.

Iโ€™m now trying it on the actual screen where I need it to work, and it wonโ€™t.

Solved. The issue was the โ€œOKโ€ button on the modal, it has to be linked to โ€œbackโ€. I had it linked to the page I had behind the modal. Thanks for your help.

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Your welcome @parksidecreator . Happy to hear your problem solved @parksidecreator :blush:

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