Make text in picture stand out more with gradient

Hi, in case you’re wondering how to make text stand out more on top of an image with a gradient:

  1. Make small 1-3 pixel rectangles.
  2. start with full black and reduce the “A” color from 100 to 0 in increments from 5 (each rectangle has -5 from the previous rectangle

It works perfectly except for that one line that I don’t know is still too white.

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 01.00.02

Nice idea @axme! I would probably suggest though that using an image with a gradient may work better in this case though.

There is also a feature request specific to this:

thanks @Colin!
Do you maybe know why that white is appearing there? it’s not in the gradient…

@axme sorry but I don’t know why that might be happening without checking your app myself. Can’t think of a reason for that other than perhaps a bug.

thanks; I fixed this somehow.