App running incredibly slooooww

Is anyone else having issues with their app running at super slow speeds? Yesterday, it was running fine; today, nothing wants to load or takes a stupid amount of time, from buttons to lists to switching between pages. I am running a PWA (not doing native at the moment), and as noted, the thing ran perfectly well up until today! But now it’s crawling. Sometimes my lists will load for a second and then disappear and show a loading wheel. Logging in takes an immense amount of time also. I have tested on two different devices, both on and off wifi, and tested using the Adalo previewer and the issue persists across all of them. This is obviously unacceptable, I can’t very-well launch an app to the public that runs like crap on the back-end.


I did notice a few times today where my preview (in editor) has lagged or stopped loading all lists. It can be extremely frustrating.

There have been performance issues for a while, though there were some recent changes / upgrades according to Adalo. I assume they are continually trying to improve performance but that’s my assumption.

Be vocal when you are having issues, squeaky wheel gets the cheese or something like that.

Good luck!

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Yes! very slow. A link out from a list used to take a few seconds. Today over 10 seconds. Tested on 300 mbps network.

Exactly my observation. Worked smoothly yesterday (and the last 9 months) until today.


Yes, I also feel the same way.


I guess I’m done for the night - it wont even load my databases now.


Things are running a bit better today, but that night the issue was severe, I couldn’t work with anything, front or back-end. I’ve spent several months building this app and just soft-launched publicly yesterday, so hopefully this lagging issue won’t persist, or at the least, will only happen once in a blue moon (that I can contend with). But if users start complaining about speed before we’re even a week into launch, that’s gonna be a major issue.

I know I have a pretty complex app, but I would assume we should be able to make our apps as light or heavy as we want to, otherwise, what’s the point? I’ve done what I can to balance out list-loads on page (i.e. not stacking too many database calls onto one page), but there’s only so much I can do with a social media-type app; it requires quite a bit of database calling to serve its purpose.

My biggest concern now is what’s going to happen when the Collections start filling with data? I have 12 users right now and very little in terms of database entries, but I expect this to explode rather quickly over the next month. Are there any suggestions for external databases that respond faster, handle data delivery better, and don’t cost an arm and a leg to host? That 5GB Adalo gives isn’t gonna hold out long either.

Lastly, have any of you had issues with uploading videos? App seems ok with photo and file uploads, but video uploads seem to send the app into a catastrophic tailspin. I uploaded a simple, 4MB MP4 the other day to give it a test, and used Plyr to view it in-app, and the whole app seemed like it was on the verge of crashing. Removed the video, waited about an hour, and everything went back to relatively normal operation.

Also, what’s with the editor killing my machine’s resources? I’m running a Win10 Pro, Intel Core i7-6650U CPU @ 2.20GHz with 16GB of RAM and no other front-end processes running, yet when in Adalo editor, my computer is constantly running hot and pushing 100% across all resources consistently. I was using a much less robust machine, which couldn’t even access the editor after awhile, so I started using my better machine and it still struggles to keep up. Is there anyway to reduce the load inflicted by the editor or am I just going to have to contend with it? Not about to buy a more robust machine just for this.

Guess I spoke too soon. We’re back to a crawl again. Lists taking upwards of a minute to load, and sometimes when it does load, it just disappears again. Logging in took 25 seconds. I am testing on an internet plan with 900mbps dl and 150mbps ul, on mobile devices (wifi) and hardwired PCs. The result is the same.

Whatever upgrade Adalo did, they effectively made it a hundred times worse. I like their product, hate their service. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to go elsewhere, though, if the Adalo team doesn’t get their act together and actually make their content delivery perform as expected.

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Same here, our app are a very slow crawl right now.

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Same here

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Wonder if someone got a new house…. :man_shrugging:

But I do wonder the same. I would have a bit more patience if it was a startup with no backend funding but $10mil plus monthly payments from paid subscribers should be plenty to, at the least, create a backend that performs well 95% of the time, though 99.9% should be the target. But I’m seeing performance issues more than half the time I’m designing or using the app, and the app barely has any data, so we can’t blame it on that.

Now I’m hearing of changes to monthly prices? I missed that announcement and pretty perturbed at the thought - how can they justify charging more for a service that’s getting worse? Adalo is gonna find itself non existent at their current rate.

Can’t even login to the user-side of my app now, keeps saying incorrect credentials, which is obviously not correct. Unbelievable

I mean, welcome to Adalo… It’s slow, buggy, unreliable. The editor is rediculously buggy and resource intensive. I have to run it on my $3k+ custom built rig and even then its a hog. The editor won’t run on my 3yr old top-of-the-line DellXPS laptop.

They are constantly saying things will get better. They make big announcements of “incredible performance improvements” but the apps run slower than ever.

I have had a very love/hate relationship this far, with love winning out most of the time, but I am finally ready to say that I regret spending 1200+ hrs building our business app in Adalo. And, I’m stuck here now. Making the best of it, but now that we have critical business data loaded and operating, I worry every day about our app just dissapearing from their servers, or just breaking, not working, or somehow exploding. Theres bugs that need fixing and functionalities that need cleaning up, but I can’t bring myself to start back in with tinkering because every time I open the editor there’s a risk of something breaking.

Our few employee-users complain every day about the slowness of the app, making it nearly impossible to do their work on it. While having an app that allows our employees to self-manage has dramatically improved our productivity for the better, Adalo has become sortof a dirty word in our company as I’ve had to coach everyone on patience, how to fix it if they get white-screens-of-death, how to navigate the clunky way basic stuff has to be done, and did I mention PATIENCE as they wait for seeming eternities for screens and lists to load, links to go, and records to create and update. I understand their frustration; they’re required to use this app that runs frustratingly slow (and doesn’t run at all if the cell coverage isn’t 100%baller) to execute critical functions for their job…

Eventually, we’re likely to hire a developer to re-create what we’ve built in Adalo in a more stable and well-developed ecosystem like Bubble. But until then, we’re limping along with an incredibly robust, but also incredibly frustrating, Adalo app.

Either that, or maybe miraculously Adalo will actually deliver meaningful improvements soon. That would be ideal; I’d like to get back to “love”. But I’m not holding my breath. My advice to anyone just starting on the platform is that it’s probably the best platform for quickly setting up an app for testing/MVP purposes, but once you’re serious and want to build something more than a toy or proof of concept, seek alternate platforms. Nothing serious or complex can really be deployed or scaled with Adalo in it’s current state.


Came here to see if I was the only one suddenly getting blank screens / no loading.

Same time each night means Adalo really should be seeing these performance issues as what they are - heavy use that is not going away if their intention is to grow.


If you can’t scale, you go out of business. I hope they figure it out sooner rather than later.


Interesting you note this happening on what seems like a revolving schedule, as I too have noticed the performance degradation happening during a certain block of time every evening, with each evening getting progressively worse than the one before it.

Yeah I completely hear and agree with what you’re saying. The thought of going back to square one, learning a new platform and then building all over again doesn’t sound ideal. But if Adalo’s problems persist, there’s no point in staying. Waste of money and a monumental headache, not to mention destroys the reputation of my brand, which is far too young to suffer this much.

I had to tell my 12 daTA HuNGrY (sarcasm implied) users that the app wasn’t accessible earlier due to backend lag, less than a day after deployment. Embarrassing to say the least. When things started acting right, I announced the same but no user has logged in since before the disruption, and haven’t received any requested feedback from them.

I wouldn’t be surprised nor blame them if they bailed. A month or so into deployment with a few hiccups would be acceptable because users would have had time to really dig in and use the app, but 16 hours after deployment is a good way to kiss my new users goodbye and trash any hope of them referring their friends, which my app is built on a clever yet shaky concept of referral user growth, where shaky turns to earthquake if the app fails constantly.

And as it is, I’m now looking deeper into Flutterflow and Bubble, both of which I played with but require more study-work to perfect where Adalo cut app development time in half, and I guess I’m now seeing the reason why.


I also thought Adalo would be much quicker than an alternative platform. But, the hundreds of hours lost to bugs, workarounds, poor “responsiveness” and random errors in the layout engine, and lack of several backbone-level functionalities (like working efficiently with time, chat reverse scroll, “or” conditional visibility, multi-record editing, etc.) have me thinking it would have been better to just commit to learning a more complicated ecosystem.

I am 95% complete on App for own business (just doing last few pages and bug fixing in 70+ page app), and concerned about going live with it, imagine the reputation and reviews (Great app, but sooo slowww), or having to offer refunds to subscribers)!

Should I just hope for the best? or delay for 6 months and do it in flutter flow or another platform (I used to be a .Net developer, so happy to get hands on)…???


Have to say the previewer is a time waster, spent so much time fixing issues that don’t actually exist in a build !

If Adalo worked well, and performed well, then i would love it, it has great potential, but if they don’t fix the issues then it will not survive! So then what happens to our apps and subscribers!


Yeah I’ve noticed some discrepancies between the previewer and testing the app on an actual device. I spent countless hours trying to figure out why one thing in the previewed was displaying as I expected it to but on my device (which is the real world version of one of the test devices in the previewer) it wouldn’t show correctly; finally figured it out, but now with Adalo planning to charge based on app-actions outside of the previewer, this will become a major issue (on top of everything else).

If the previewer won’t accurately portray what is being experienced device-side, then real device testing is a must, but not if I’m being counted against for each time I tap a button or switch between screens.

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