Make your App faster with this simple component!

Cool idea, but this should be some Adalo handles on their own really it feels like. @David - can you confirm if this is something we need to add using a component, or something Adalo should be handling at the app/server level?

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Hi @TonyD, absolutly this is something Adalo should do!

Why did I do it? Let’s look at geolocation. In Feb 2020 a request was entered for geolocation. 800+ people asked for it. In Sept 2021 I release my own geolocation to the community. By October '21 people were pushing more and I created my own store. Now Adalo changed this to in progress recently.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest. This post should be a Newtonian push


That’s why I posted it - something like geolocation is a nice to have, has a lot of variables, etc that can be customized. So that makes sense as a 3rd party build.

Loading speed is something that feels like it should be done at Adalo level, hence why I asked.

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Hi Steven. Was the iOS issue resolved.? I just created a new build and I still get a white screen on my Home Page. Thanks.

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Yesterday I still had the same issue (also different one on android).
Haven’t checked today yet. Will give you an update when I’ve done so

Pretty cool! Thanks @TKOTC !

I also saw that you made a Local Storage Component, is there a video on how to use it?

It actually worked great in the preview, but after creating an iOS build, the APP only showed a blank screen and nothing more.

I would love to use this…

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this a nice tool… but i wondering why your site need our adalo password? @TKOTC

Oh yeah that would be great, because my app slowed down when using data pre-loader…

Hi all,

Well this got larger than I initially anticipated! I will try to reply to everything I read in this post. Lots is happening behind the scene on this topic.

iOS white screen: We still have not identified the issue why some users are having this issue. If anyone has a testflight build that has this issue, can they add to the testflight users?

Why does the site need your Adalo password? PragmaFlow does not have permission to install anything into your account. This is normal practice as you would not want people who are not a part of your organization to make changes on your behalf. When you enter the username and password onto our site it will respond with a token that allows the site to make changes on your behalf. This is how we can get the list of organizations and install components into your organization. If we did not get a token we cannot install components. The alternative is to add us to your organization and for us to manually install the components. Due to the time and coordination this is not something we want to do as it would cost us lots of money to provide the free service. If you understand code, it can be found here

My app is slowing down, rather than speeding up: This is possible depending on the data structures of your app, as mentioned in the video a better way to do this is prefetch when there is the possibility that a user might load a screen. I have a meeting with Adalo today to see if we can get the better version out to everyone.

Does this respect lazy loading: Yes, this should respect lazy loading. The code we execute is the exact code that is executed when you open a page. The component scans through the entire application to figure out what data Adalo will load when a sceen loads and gets the data for those screens.

I will post back when I talk to Adalo and figure out what the next step is and how we can get this to everyone to make everyones app faster using the proper method rather than this stop gap!


Any updates yet? I have just built for iOS too and receiving the white screen bug.

Looks like it will be a really fantastic component when it works!

Dont work for me. The speed slows down…

I have installed this and found it works - and easy to installed!

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This works for my app 100%! It’s best to put it on the Welcome page, and only on it.

If put on multiple pages, it’s actually detrimental to your app and slows it down quite a bit.

Thanks a bunch, @TKOTC for the wonderful component!

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Is the white screen issue when in testflight still occurring?

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I tried it again two days ago, and the problem persists.


Ooh I installed this and thought it worked, but now I’m getting the white screen issue on the live app.


We think we have isolated the issue and it could be caused by infinite loading. We will know more soon and let you know, when it is corrected.


May be adalo will give us dedicated servers in extra tariffs? I think it will certainly improve the speed in any apps we build.


I got this component, and it works GREAT in PWA Mode, but in my actual native app all I get is a white screen. Is there a way to fix this? I saw a few comments about the same issue.