Make your App faster with this simple component!

Yeah, for some reason that we have yet to understand some apps get a white screen. We thought it was caused by a list being on the home screen but after fixing that people are still having issues. We are still trying to reproduce the issue, but have not been able to do so. If there is a crash log or any additional information you can share it would help solve the issue.

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My Home Screen did have a few list on it, I moved the component to the welcome screen in hopes that would fix it but it did not. I’ll check and see if I got any crash records from it.

added you to my testflight. for the white screen issue…

@TKOTC I am trying to download this component but I am getting a fail error. I have downloaded a component from you all before without an issue. Is there anyone from PragmaFlow that can assist?

Is this component still useful? Or did Adalo already implement this since TKOTC asked for that. And was the iOS white screen bug ever fixed? And is it even still possible to download this component? Because Pragmaflow is shut down now.

Hey, no these components from Pragmaflow no longer work and will cause you app to freeze.

Is there another version of this component? Preloading would help more Adalo apps meet usage standards…leading to more and higher-tiered Adalo subscriptions. I’d love to stay with Adalo, but speed remains an issue.

No, I’ve been searching a lot, but i didn’t find anything that can help my app’s performance