Making Databases Public

In adalo I’ve noticed with magic text I can insert information I have in a database that is specific to the signed in user. Is there a way that someone without an account can view this data? In other words how do I make some of the data public on the apps I’m working on.

Hi @Carson_Karren ,

Put those screens that you want the public view before Home screen.

After home screen, it should be logged in user.

Thank you! I had another question on get help that you responded to but I think the chat timed out. I was wondering if you could help me with. I’m trying to make an app where a user can sign in and make a profile including their personal information including phone number and email and then I’m hoping to generate a qr code for each user that if scanned takes them to a page where that person’'s email and phone number are displayed. The purpose of this is so that the users of my app can stick their personal qr code on one of their items like a water bottle and if they loose it someone can scan it and have an easy way to contact them. Do you know how I could go about making this? I know how to make a login screen that isn’t too difficult it’s the other aspects that I’m having trouble figuring out.

Hi @Carson_Karren,

There’s a component called QR Code Generator that you generate QR Codes!

If you don’t see that you need to download it going to the marketplace!

Thank you