Manage and delete Custom Actions

@Ben @jeremy We somehow need some functionality yo manage/delete Custom Actions.
Currently it is piling up.
In my list I have a lot of Custom Actions I did not even create myself. And it is some time ago that I create an app using templates.

This list looks to me that it is app independent, which does not always make sense.
Most of the Custom Actions will be app specific and can be handled like the database when it comes to copying/cloning.
Some Custom Actions like Send mail could be useful in multiple apps. But could be dangerous to use Magic Text if the reference is not available in all apps. Would be nice if we could flag a custom action as global when we create a new one and get a warning, when a global Custom Action is changed that this might effect multiple apps.

I added a reference to this thread to

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@karimoo Yes this is a known bug at the moment. I will mention it again during the support meeting today.

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Just following up here too, using magic text would not be dangerous, because you can only do this through the Inputs, which allow you to pass in number, text, etc. but no whole collections or app-specific data formats.

There was a bug at one point, though, that copied custom actions in from the organizations of any cloneable apps that you cloned, and we still have not cleanup up the results of that yet.

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@jeremy Just one short idea for the current long listing of custom actions: Sort by newest to oldest would already help a lot


@karimoo The solution for this is being worked on right now. Hope to be released soon.

Hi @Colin - Any I just hit this bug. When this will be released please.

As mentioned in Slack, the edit button is visible on a custom action via the pencil icon.


Deleting custom actions is planned in but a release date has not been set.

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