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Hello, adalo.

I am working on a map component right now.
I used pragmaflow private component to get longitude and latitude of the user, then I converted it using custom action and reverse geolocation json from Google api website.
Now it works great, the database gets updated address every 5s and in correct format.
1.Once the app has address you have to reload app to see the marker. How to make it interactive and auto refresh?
2. It zooms all the way in, how to keep it default like in regular navigation apps?

@TKOTC Can you help with these?

For item 1, it is not possible to use the Adalo map for auto-refresh. You can use the Overview Map from pagmaflow by installing the Driving Direction component from the PF marketplace. This updates in real-time and uses lat/long so you do not need to convert it to an address, you can use the location component directly with the overview map. This is designed to display directions from 1 location to another, so you would need to just put the origin and destination to the same value.

For item 2, this is not possible on either the map, or the one we built. We would need to make an update to the component for auto-zoom on refresh or preserve the current zoom level. I have opened a git issue for the feature here Add the ability to control the zoom level · Issue #1 · pragmaflowinc/adalo-driving-direction · GitHub if you want to follow it and see when we get around to it. We have many items on the free marketplace so I am not sure how quick we can turn it around.


Thank you very much @TKOTC.
A follow up question. Can I have stops added along the way on the pragmaflow map?
I will dedicate half a day tomorrow to this other solution you described.

You cannot have stops presently on the driving directions, but we can certainly add that feature in sometime soon

I use a workaround right now that takes the DB addresses and uses Google maps separately with all the stops.
Loving adalo, but sometimes I wish I could snippet some code in there

That is why we built the better webview, that let’s html with script support (you can magic text the webview html/script, as well as the Javascript component if you need to run a function. Feel free to grab them from the PF marketplace as well.

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