Pragmaflow new gps geolocation/ how to show on map

Does anybody know how to get the users latitude and longitude to show themselves on a map using pragmaflows new gps component. I am trying to set the map marker address as the user longitude and latitude, however, it does not show the user and their current location on maps.

I have the same problem. The coordinates are not the same as in reality. It’s a big difference between reality and what the component show.

for me it is working fine…

On the map component it doesn’t work like that, what you can do is using an external link with the lat and long and they will be displayed on.

For web or native?


I dont understand? Should I be able to

1.Update the logged in users lat and long
2. set the marker adress as that same lat,long and they should appear at the exact location on maps?

Don’t use the map component

What should I use? I need the map for the app

add a text saying :“Check address on map” and add an action choose external webpage and write: Google Maps

in that way you redirect the user to google maps on the phone. till now there is no maps in adalo which you can show coordinate, but i know there is some component under development, and if you are thinking on live tracking, do the same as i said before using webview component and choose the auto update option in the geolocation component. this is how i did this in my app

if you need more assistance i can create a clonable project and share it with you…

I use PragmaFlow component to get the coordinates, but if I put coordinates on google maps (not on adalo maps component) isn’t showing me a correct location. If you can, will be helpful to make a cloaneable example. Thank you!

i just created this and tested it, it works fine…

This is from the example i shared?

The location accuracy is off. At times it shows when I’ve set the marker address as user long, lat however it’s just not accurate. Unless i need to include accuracy of location in the marker address also?

You can’t use the map component available in adalo marketplace for that…

where did you get this, from the example i shared or have you done something?