Masking the Mass Delete process from user view

Does the user need to see the deletion occuring? I have done this but I can see the list items disappearing. Its cool…but I dont need my future users to see the deletion process. How do I mask it? Sorry if my question is trivial.

Hello, can you please provide more information about your question?

Thank you!

Hi Ali-Bazzi

I am doing delete of linked records just like in the video by Victor using a countdown timer. I can see the records being deleted as they disappear. This means that the user will be able to see the “deletions” as they occur. Can this be hidden from the user?

I have a simple way by putting another rectangle over the screen thereby hiding the delete process. On this rectangle I can put a text asking user to wait. Just wondering if there is another less clunky way. Thanks

The video is below

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