Mass update on database column with relation

I’ve tried the mass update created by @Victor (2) Adalo hints: how to “mass update” records in the collection with the help of countdown timer - YouTube

Unfortunately, it can only access columns that are not in a relation like text. numbers etc.

is there any alternative in updating a column in a relationship?

even in the import csv there is no way to target relation column.

I need to update 3k+ rows :frowning:

Hi @Biboy,

My 2 cents - one important point reg. Mass Update example. I wouldn’t advise to use it for a collection of 3000 records. This is more of a workaround for smaller-scale lists (like order items in an order).
I’ve seen the update of 80+ records: it took more than 20 seconds to update them all. Imagine what would happen with 3K records.

As for your “relationship” question - do you want to update relationship itself or some value in related collection? There is one simple way to test if this could be mass-updated: if the simple button with action does it - then most probably timer can do it as well.

Best regards, Victor.

I don’t mind messing with the database since this is the “Initial Content” of the app and I have a csv backup files which where the content came from.

the column that I am updating is not accessible in the other table since it’s a one to many relation , it’s lock in the other table unless I update where it has the relation.

regards to this - do you want to update relationship itself or some value in related collection?
I need to update the relation itself.

I tried checking in the button test , currently not accessible unless I switch it back to a text or number.

Hi @Biboy,

If this doesn’t work with a button, this will not work with a timer. Sorry :frowning:

May be if you provide more context (tables, relations, what you have now, what you’d like to have), may be with some screenshots, then me or someone else from the community could give an advice how to achieve the goal.

Best regards, Victor.

table name (contents)
col - name
col - content
col - steps <-- relation to steps table

table 2 name (steps)
col - name
col - steps <-- relation to contents (one to many)
, I have 3k rows to insert in this column but not accessible thru import or text magic.

I need to mas update the table steps - steps to pull multiple steps from the content table.