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Thanks, this is my first time on this excellent forum.

I’m creating a skill share app. First, the logged in user creates a profile outlining the skills they have.

They can then search for skills that ‘other users’ have, create a list of the ‘other users’ with those skills, and then contact them to skill swap.

Very basic - and very like dating app.

I’m using three drop down lists so my logged in user can define three skills they are looking for (in three different categories), in order to find a good match. A button them moves them onto a simple list.

However, the list always seems to show ALL ‘other users’, not just the ones who have declared the skill that the logged in user has selected from the drop down lists.

I hoped someone might point me in the right direction - I’m sure there’s a YouTube or tutorial on this basic concept.

I’m happy to clone and share my app, if someone could let me know how to do that?

Really appreciate your time, folks.

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You need to condition/filter the results of the list depending on the inputs selected.

You do this on the list settings.

Hi there. I’m very sorry, could you please be more specific? I do know it is depending on the filter, but I just can’t seem to get the filter to filter out the users that don’t have the category ticked. Many thanks, Gideon

Could you clone the app and send me the URL?

I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Thanks so much. You’ll see, I’m trying to convert choices in drop down boxes (x 3) into suitable matches, for all users who have one or more match. Currently, the drop down boxes seem to produce all the users, all the time.

I’d be very grateful if you’d please take a look.
Thanks so much,


Thanks. However, that’s not the URL you share when you make your app cloneable.

Adalo’s documentation explains how to make apps cloneable and share the link.

It would help you to read their documentation. They cover how to filter lists as well.

Here you are charleshope

I have tried to read the documentation on filtering, but I’ve not been able to understand how it applies in my case.

very grateful for your help.


I grabbed a screen recording explaining a few things. You can view it here.

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Thank you so much Charles for this, it has solved my problem.

By the time the list had got to you, I had deleted all of my previously set up searches and filtering - so that’s why it appeared to you it wasn’t linked and there were no filters. I had done all of that, according to the instructions. In frustration, I’d deleted all of those filters, and started again with a new list. That’s the version you got.

I think my problem was that I was using the OR function, rather than the AND function, and that was what was giving me all of my users as a result.

I’m very grateful for your contribution to this. The naming suggestion is very very welcome, and will make things much easier.

Thank you so much again,


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My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

The only thing I can recommend to you is to filter the results of the list in the settings of the list itself. Something like this.

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