Matching items from different users

Help guys! I am planning on developing a platform that will connect different users to exchange their skills.

Imagine that a User that can teach French and is willing to learn how to play the Piano.
So, how can I show to this User a list of skills that are offered by Users that are willing to learn French and can also give Piano classes. (It’s a double match)

I tried creating 2 collections (1.My skills and 2.Desired skills) so I would show to the Logged in User a list as:
. All Skills
. Skills owner email is not equal to logged in user email
. Skills owner > desired skill contain Logged in user Skill (and vice versa)

So then I would have a list of Skills to show to the user that would already provide a “match” so then they could initiate a chat conversation.

But it didn’t work the way I imagined… because the last 2 filters are not able to be done in Adalo…

The best way to address this would be to show a list of users that have your desired skill and you have their desired skill. For this I think you would need another collection that works as a join table, maybe call it user skills and the list setup would look like this…


But one thing is a collection of My Skills, the other one would be a Desired Skill.
And let’s consider that one person might have multiple skills either to teach or to desire.
I might be failing on the relationship, because when I try to select as you showed in the 2 filter it does not show to me Logged In User > Skill > Name

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