Help! search by value not count

I have a search page that needs to search through a set of users for specific skills that they have. I need to search by the name of the skill that a user has not the number of skills a user has.

This is how I have the databases set up right now…

  • Users are in a single database (sets of users are identified by a true/false)
  • There is a database that lists all the skill options
  • There is a many to many relationships between skills and users, where the users’ skills are stored

I have tried making a search index property in the user’s database and was unsuccessful.

I feel like I have asked this a few times but haven’t been able to get an answer and this is a major key to getting my app to function. I can’t believe that this is something that is not possible. If anyone has any insights I would appreciate it.

Hi @Oneil93,

As an option:

  • create a dropdown of Skills
  • add a list, make it a list of Users
  • add a custom filter to this List of Users.
  • Set it up in a way: in the top part you select User, then scroll down to Skills and select All. It will have smth like Current User > Skills
  • On the bottom part of the filter select Form Inputs → YourDropdownName → Selected skill.

Result: when you select a skill from a dropdown, Users’ list will be filtered and display all users with this skill.


That’s not what I was thinking but that works! I wouldn’t have thought about using a drop-down there instead of a traditional search where you type it in and I actually might like that better. I wonder if it works with the multi-select drop-down, I’ll have to give that a try too because that would be really perfect! Would you happen to know if there is a way to do this as you described but where everyone is shown before the user goes to the drop-down to select a skill? Thank you very much, I was starting to feel a bit defeated.

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