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:wave: Hey everyone !

Adalo offers a very good range of mathematical tools but sometimes you just need more power !
We are proud to present the new Math API category !

In the Math API category you will find 2 APIs:

:abacus: Math API | Calc
A very smart and powerful interpreter for mathmatical expressions. Pretty much every mathmatical function and concept is supported: trigonometry, complex numbers, matrices, unit conversions, and many more. Just give it a try!

Calc API


  • round(8.5^2 * 1/3 - sin(45deg) + log2(5), 3) ➔ Output: 25.698

  • abs(sqrt(x/4) + tan(7y)) , Variables: x: 1.2 , y: 4 ➔ Output: 0.15414534276960692

  • det([-1, 2; 3, 1]) ➔ Output: 7

  • 12.7 cm to inch ➔ Output: 5 inch

For a full reference, visit our API Handbook.

:arrow_right: Math API | Derivate
This API allow you to derivate a function.

"6x^2 + 5x - 4""12 * x + 5"

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Very nice! A valuable feature.

I really like the latest Math API by Abracadalo, especially the mATM API. That helps in providing easy money transfer through mobile to anyone.

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