Mechanism of adding custom filter on components

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I am curious whether applying filter on data display in a component (i.e. list components) is using backend resource or client’s device resource.

I am wondering because data filtering is usually done in the server side to reduce its traffic. I am also wondering whether if magic text is a complete opposite case that uses device memory.

Hello, when applying a custom filter inside a list component, you’ll have the choice to create this filter according to the database which is not related to the device.

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Thanks for the clearing my confusion. So it will not use client’s device resource such as memory, right?

You’re welcome, it will only use the data types that you’ll select from the app’s database without using the device memory or information in order to filter the list.

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I believe that you are asking wether the process of filtering the data is happening on “server side” or on “client side” as per IT terms, in Adalo most actions related to data collections are happening on the server, like filtering a list, some magic text actions are performed on client if they are not involving data collections
You can test that out by switching off the device’s internet connection just before the action you want and try it, if it works with no internet connection it means it was done using your device resources

That was a simple explanation, but still there can be a kind of special cases or places where this cannot be applied


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Thank you! I think I will try your suggestion to test it out.

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