List Filtering - is it done on the server side or the client?

As I launch my app, I see performance considerations to be important in the design. One area I am having trouble is when filtering a list (reverse-scroll / auto-refresh enabled) that compares a DB timestamp to the current timestamp.

My question: is the filtering shown in the below pic done on the server or are all messages sent to the mobile device and then filtered. I hope its the first case, but can someone confirm?

Bonus question: Any advice for filtering large lists that compare the list content to the current time? When the list gets too large, I seem lose the ability to scroll up on iOS.

Hi @AdamF ,

Take a look at this post.

I am still optimistic that if configured properly, we can achieve optimal result.

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Thanks for the link; I have seen it and I have paginated as much as I can.

Might you know if the filtering is client-side or server-side?

My guess would be server side if you use relationship such as current parent>child, but it will be client side if you use all data then filtered.

Thanks for the interaction. I am reluctant to make DB changes from just guessing. I am hoping that the custom Filters - for speed - would still operate on the Server side, but your guess is the other way. Can anyone confirm with confidence which way it would go?

I just reconfigured my DB to drop relationships as using the external API with relationships was proving problematic.