Mental Wellness App - Seeking Feedback!

Hello Adalo Community,

Our team has created a therapeutic sound app, and we would love to share it with the community while it’s not perfect yet! We designed this app to promote mental wellness through auditory beats stimulation – ex. alpha and theta waves for anxiety and stress relief, gamma waves for deep focus, and delta waves for deep sleep.

If you’re an iPhone user, feel free to download our [TestFlight app]
We hope you enjoy our therapeutic beats and would love to hear your honest feedback!

Download LittleBeat

Thank you in advance.


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Looks amazing!

If you guys ever need help, I’m here! At WebCheer, we have over 4 years of experience with Adalo and have built over 7 components for the marketplace.

You can book a call with me here.

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I find it amazing other people can design their apps so well, while mine always look like the generic adalo app with an ugly design :joy: Well done!

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