Messages are delivered too slowly

This is Adalo’s message app, and as you can see in the video, it is slow to reach me.
I’m developing in Japan, so I think it’s due to the distance from the server.
Are there any improvements I can make at this point?
I am thinking of using or something similar, but is it possible to implement it on the server side?
画面収録 2021-07-04 12.49.50

Hi, @shunki. This happens to me all the time. I made a posting app, and when I posted it would glitch and then when you clicked the post button again it will post 2 posts. So, I guess this is normal cause I live in North america. But there is a request for a feature that makes it possible to increase app speed when it is slow. Here is a link if you want to go upvote it,

Good Luck :wink:

Thank you.
I already agree with you, but I would like to have it resolved as soon as possible.
The performance part is probably the most important issue for Adalo to address.

Yes, the request is in progress, so by next month it will probably be out.

Next month?
I’ve heard good things. I’m looking forward to waiting.
Thank you very much!

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@shunki Actually, the performance project(s) are never going to end—Adalo is growing—which means the performance projects are scaling and growing as Adalo grows.

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