The Adalo apps are Too Slow

I love creating apps on Adalo and have created 3-4 apps but am yet not publishing those as adalo apps are too slow.

I know that you know of this issue and are working to resolve it; but is there a timeline?

I cannot give you a date set in stone as that’s not how our development process works.

We will release improvements as and when they are ready to be launched. Unfortunately, I cannot give you more of an answer than that.

Dear adalo team, I’ve build the app, but due to slowness, I’m still thinking to publish it… please resolve it asap.

I’ve noticed that when you connect to an API, it goes through Adalo’s servers still instead of the App directly connecting to the web service. This definitely slows it down.

I;m using api to send email and sms, for notification, usind adalo trigger notification options. that’s all, not calling any api for data collection or others…If api slows down the app, what is the use of it. Really this will enable developers think again using adalo. I’m expecting about .5 million users to use my app, which build in adalo.

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