Very slow webapp problem

I saw my app is very slow on the web to launch pages or send messages. I did a speed test and this is what happened : Reduce unused JavaScript resources and postpone loading scripts until they are needed, to reduce the amount of bytes consumed by network activity.

I don’t know if i can do anything about this when adalo is a no code app so can i do something to solve this issue and my make my app faster ?

Also, on my mobile app it’s pretty quick except when i click on my icon to send a message in a chatroom.

I take any suggestions :slight_smile:

There is nothing you can do to improve initial load time. You can keep your app simple with limited number of screens, but then what is the point. Some very rough approximations…
4-5 seconds to load a simple app in web (10 screens).
10-15 seconds to load a complex app (60 screens) in web.

You could possibly improve the chat message time. How long are you waiting?
I had a similar enquiry recently and the reason was distance from server location (Adalo servers are US only), results were, 3 seconds in Asia v 0.5s in UK.

Hello @Rozza

Thank you for your response ! For the approximation it’s right, it’s about 4 5 seconds.

For the message it always take between 5 and 6 seconds for each messages. I am actually in France. So how could I possibly improve the message time like you said ?

Hi @Clement1 ,

If you send a clone link (via DM if you prefer) I will have a look at it.

I have had a look, you have 6 actions running when you submit your message. I would expect 5 or 6 seconds for this. You can cut down the actions for sure and if you deem some as essential, execute these from, zapier or xano.


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