Migrate app to different account

Is there a way to port an app created in one account to another? We have our Bali Charity Makeover event coming up this weekend and I need to be able to grant access to an app that currently lives under our paid account to outside devs without exposing the IP and user data of our core platform app.

I see the option under “settings” to copy the app but no way to transfer it to another Adalo account.

Alternatively, I see we can add collaborators… If there were a way to restrict collaborator access to a specific set of apps that would solve it as well…

If this isn’t possible currently, could we get an Adalo engineer to move the Esperanca app to the trial account we just created: adalo@charitymakeover -dot- org ? thanks

Nevermind I’m an idiot. I see now it works precisely as it should with being able to assign app-specific collaborator access vs. umbrella access for everyone. Disregard this request. At some point we will likely need to spin this app off to a separate account but this partitioned access is adequate for our needs with our event this weekend. Mad props to @TonyD for stepping up and being a remote volunteer for us on the Esperanca project this weekend.

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