Million Dollar Question : Seeking Insights on Building a Scalable SaaS with Adalo

Hello Adalo Community,

I’m developing a SaaS platform on Adalo and facing skepticism about its scalability and suitability for serious SaaS ventures, beyond basic apps. I’m here to gather insights and evidence to the contrary.

Specifically, I’m interested in:

Non-trivial Success Stories: Have any of you built and scaled a SaaS (not simple fitness or lifestyle apps) on Adalo? How did you manage growth and scalability challenges? Desktop Saas Solutions only

Technical Hurdles: What major technical limitations did you face with Adalo while building your SaaS, and how did you overcome them?

Strategic Advice: For those who’ve succeeded with Adalo, what key advice would you offer for scaling a SaaS platform here?

I believe in the potential of no-code for SaaS development and am looking for concrete examples and strategies that can help validate this path.( Desktop Saas Only )

Thanks for your insights!

hi, I’m building one now on adalo and xano, but we have not launched yet. Happy to chat more in 2-3 weeks once we are finished.

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Once you launch, pls share

No it isn’t suitable alone.
With Xano as your backend then you can have much more confidence but there are still big issues that would stop me scaling in Adalo.

Build an MVP if you value the speed of development in Adalo, as soon as you validate, get a CTO and build for real.


Could you list the reasons it would not be viable? If you can point me to real-world limitations of Adalo not going to sustain a real Saas, exactly where would it hit a wall? Thanks