Mismatch of components on the pages

When the APP is uploaded to the app shop and downloaded, there are some pages where the components are messed up and the buttons come out with the text cut off, but in the platform preview it looks fine.
Is there any way to make it come out as it looks?

A bit of trial and error.
I tend to test a tonne of components all on one screen. Then you can review which ones work.

Device text settings can throw the design out too.

If you paste a screenshot from your device, I will try and comment on the components and any alternative approach.

Good, if that’s what I do, I’m testing and modifying sizes and situations on the pages.

Is this a 2.0 responsive design or Adalo 1.0?

1.0 make sure text bounds are within the rectangle
2.0 make sure the text is nested within the rectangle

This is the trial and error I was talking about. Nudge the font size down a bit, or extend the text boundaries outwards, or make it static ( from an image).

It is from Adalo 1.0 because I don’t know if it is possible to move to Adalo 2.0 without losing the projects already done.

How do you make it static?
It’s where it says Fixed: Top-Botton-None

Make an image / logo and display that, instead of displaying text.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve done it and it looks great, I guess it’s harder for it to get trimmed this way.

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One last question, can I move to Adalo 2.0 responsive without losing the project I have done in the previous version?
Thank you very much

Well described in this thread

I only do the work of the platform, it is a computer friend of mine who uploads it to the shop. Although if I make the change to the new version, he would have no problem in uploading the new version to the shop, right?

Correct, it is fairly straightforward.

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