Missing Data after successful zaps

I run multiple Zaps to create new records in Airtable. Sometimes all the data goes through to Airtable while other times data is missing. Is this a timing issue? I’ve tried to add Delay by Zapier, but the same issue occurs. Any solutions out there?

Hey! There’s a 15 minute delay on Zapier’s end unless you use a Zapier Webhook and then it happens instantly. Here’s a video to help with that:

**Note this is in Beta for paying customers only right now. Soon to be released to everyone

Hi David, two things here:

First: I’ve upgraded my account with Zapier for faster transfer times and it does pull most fo the data from Adalo.

Second, I used your custom action trigger to connect to Airtable, but no data is sent to the Airtable base. The API request was successful on Adalo’s end, but still no data in the table.