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I am currently building a mobile app that will be deployed to the App Store and google play store. I have seen multiple posts about slow performance/lag etc., and I want to make sure this is not a serious issue before I continue working in Adalo. Can anyone give me insight into their own app/performance and if you have had issues, and what those issues have been caused by? I think it would be helpful for everyone to have some idea of exactly what the performance issues are and what causes them before diving into a complex project in Adalo. Thanks!

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Ive got a lot of lags and performance issue in my simple chat app… If adalo does not improve it i have to change platform

That’s not an easy one to answer, it all depends on your app’s backend workflows and the number of users interacting at the same time. All this comes down to server capacity that Adalo allocates to your app/plan.

Like Bubble, I think that Adalo’s main cluster rest’s on an AWS architecture and the good news is that this is a scalable solution for 80% of use cases, the bad news is if your app is in the 20% use case with big datasets/users/workflows then i presume (like Bubble) you will experience lag.

Hope that helps until we get an official answer from the team :blush:

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@Devops: thanks for qualifying, this helps. I am experiencing some lags with my app - even some logic missed (like “don’t create an entry” IF “XYZ”). How would you describe a big workflow? It may be my problem.

@gregdarebe what’s your definition of lag?

If you have the “loading icon” that appears for 5 seconds before showing say a list then this is server-side related lag (i.e capacity or CDN).

If your app doesn’t fell “snappy” on PWA or Webviewer this is normal “ish” until you push it to native as your smartphone’s processor and ram will take care of the front end.

All this to say that you should focus on getting your MVP/app out there and don’t overthink ahead on these issues as I’m sure Adalo will have better capacity optimization in the near future.

I understand for many that this can get frustrating at times but this is the “small” price to pay as early adopters, this was the same for me with Webflow and Bubble back in the day but I’m 95% confident that Adalo will fix all these issues in a reasonable time frame, let’s stay positive and supportive to the team as they’re making good progress so far :heart: :ok_hand:


My app takes users through a personal development programme in which they answer 2-10 questions per screen. When there are 10 questions on the screens and we create new conditional entries (based on their answers), the users may wait for 5 seconds to get to the next screen.

Also I have experienced that when a submit button of a form gets clicked and it is supposed to take users to a new screen, it does not always execute all the logic that it was supposed to before taking the user to the next screen… :frowning:

Yeah that sounds like a capacity issue, you should try if possible having less logical conditions running at once. Imagine you have a dataset with all the animals in the world and your searching for a specific dog bread and color.

The dataset lookup will loop each row and check if the condition is met:

condition 1: If animal=dog
condition 2: and if bread=labrador
condition 3: and if gender=male
condition 4: and if color=beige

All this filtering uses a lot of processing power thus why capacity allocation is important for big datasets and advance filtering.

@gregdarebe just to add, if your load problem is recent there have been issues recently…

Thanks, I like the perspective. It also seems like Adalo staff is overwhelmed, taking more time to respond. I hope they catch-up with demand ASAP.

Thanks for the kind words of support @Devops.

@gregdarebe as already mentioned, we are very aware of our performance issues, especially over the course of the last few days. I would like you to know that this is our highest priority right now and the main focus of development in the coming 3 months.

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