Mobile Verification/Authetication for sign up/in

My chat app will only have mobile authentication to register/log in. Just like whatsapp/telegram

Until Adalo comes out with a core component that allows this, is there a way to achieve this using a 3rd party service?

This is on our roadmap, and we plan to start working on it soon, but currently we do not know of any current work arounds.

Thanks for the reply @zachbharris

Can i at least get a timeline like Q1 or Q2 2020 so that i can decide on my tasks.

My app will be based on mobile numbers auth only and hence its imperative for me to choose a platform that has that feature otherwise my efforts will be wasted.

Just an estimated timeline

No problem Nao!

The best estimate I can give currently, would be sometime in the first half of next year, so Q1/Q2.

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My app is also mobile reliant. @Nao I have an idea on how to accomplish the mobile authentication. User Creates Account > Adalo creates unique random code > via API user receives a text with random code > enters code into app. Once I get my SMS providers API to work… I’m in there!! I’m super close.


Awesome… Please provide more details how you achieve it.

Instead of using specific Mobile carrier API to send the SMS, is it possible to use Twilio or some 3rd party plugin so that it will work for a LOT more mobile carrier. That way i won’t have to ask how to create for my specific mobile carrier :smiley:

Any progress on the mobile number verification?

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Hey @Nao we haven’t started development on this yet. When we do start it will be in the roadmap. Like I mentioned before, this is something we’d like to get done, and it’s estimated to be done sometime in Q1 or Q2.

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@zachbharris Sine this is not yet in the roadmap and if someone was to deploy their app before this feature could be available, would it be possible to have an additional feature to validate existing users to validate their email account or phone number.

You can always request this in the Roadmap…
Leave a comment in the request section:

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