Modal popup not working when adding action

I have created a link to a modal pup screen that I need to show up when the submit button is clicked. The button itself has existing action that sends a text to user based on user input that compares to the users db and sends if all is true. Works great. I add the action for the created Mudal screen and nothing happens . I set it to always and nothing happens. When i set it to sometimes it does not give me a way to tell it to go to screen when sms is sent. Any ideas on this?

Looking at your screenshot… there is no link. lol.

I’m assuming you had the link there and deleted it.

I’m also guessing here so my assumption would be that the custom action is failing and not providing a response code to continue with the flow of the actions.

It may be a little more helpful if you could provide a screenshot of your API call parameters and the configuration of the custom action.

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I don’t believe I am using a custom action. Just the action shown in the screenshot which sends an sms. I have tried adding another action below that to create the link to the modal popup page and no go. I have also tried creating the action outside of the list setup and still no go. As I am writing this reply I did notice that there is choice to choose “send sms success” as you will see in the screenshot.I now just don’t know what to choose to finish it “contains” or “=” and to what"?


This is a custom action.

What does the response code say when you submit the test for this SMS custom action? Surely, the success message is not empty and should contain a real value.

As I had asked in the previous message:

Run the test on the SMS again and show the result of the API call. Take a screenshot of the API call settings AND the result of the API call.

Where do I find the API setting that you asking about?

Here you go

Hi @shonesto,

Addition to the great help by Flawless!

I know about your app! You are using the Abracadalo API!

You can make the Link action conditional like Send SMS Alert > success > is equal to > true. If it’s true it means it’s sent and if it’s false it means it’s not sent!

See here that if it’s true Abracadalo send that message as true! : Notification API Tutorial - YouTube

I have added this to your app and you can reload your editor and see the changes!

Thank you

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To compliment @dilon_perera’s response:

You can add an additional link after the link to the “response popup” screen called “error response popup” which can be another modal screen. Just use the reverse logic for the 2nd link’s condition where Send SMS Alert > success > is NOT equal to > true. Somewhat of an “error handler” kinda thing.

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Man do I feel dumb. I allowed myself to be only open to choices and didn’t thins I could just type in true.


Don’t feel like that :slight_smile: It’s actually quite common that some users just didn’t realize you can type in those fields. Some assume that you can only use the data from the database using the dropdowns.

It’s an interesting subject because it’s not too frequent, yet frequent enough for me to know to relay the information in a way that makes sense, hence why I deliberately used the words “TYPE in the value” in the screenshot.

Either way, glad it’s resolved for you.

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It’s working flawlessly (pardon the pun) Thanks to both of you for your support. My app is getting closer to completion