Conditional Linking not working

I’m trying to allow user to move to a certain screen only if the text input box (called “Notify Support Squad”) is equal to Yes and move to a different screen only if the text input box equals No.

When I test it in Preview mode, it is not working, clicking the button does not bring the user to any next screen.

What is wrong?

Hello, well basically it can happen if the text input component is either empty or contains spaces. Please try to edit the second action and change it from “text input is equal to No” to “text input is not equal to Yes.”

Thank you!

That didn’t work

Okay, so if the configuration of the buttons is correct, then the problem might be from the input. Please double check it.

Thank you!

I have same problem with a client app, conditional link doesn’t work… @Adalo_CXTeam please can you check it please?

I have a similar problem too. Mine was with data table filtering where a button needs to open modal page if certain data satisfy the condition. The problem was that the link action cannot filter out data properly. When I put it as “contain”, the button takes loading but does NOT open modal page even tho the data actually contains. Also when I put it in opposite logic where I put “does not contain”, the button this time DOES open the modal page even tho the data does contain.

So it seems like filtering at link action cannot recognize the target data.

Hey All!

We will need a bit more info to look into these cases and see if there is an inherent issue or something else happening.

If you haven’t already, can you Submit a Ticket so our team can look into these further. If you have, we are working through our queues and will get back to you as soon as possible.


I am using same logic in many places and it is working fine

Are you sure you have selected the right input? since you are saying that a textbox should equal Yes or No
but in the screen you shared it seems like you are checking a dropdownlist value not textbox

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