Modal Popup Not Working

Hello again - here’s a continuation of the sign-up issues I have been experiencing here.


On the Verify User screen I need to validate the email-verification-code field in the DB matches what the user enters in the email-verification-code text input field. When the user clicks the button, the following actions are set:

  1. Update User - If the verification code matches, the logged-in user is updated to set email-is-verified to true.

  2. Link - If the verification code matches, the user is sent to a welcome/onboarding workflow.

  3. Link - If the verification codes do not match, the user is sent to a modal error screen.

Here’s how everything’s set up:

And here’s how it’s working when I enter a random, incorrect code (which should take me to the modal screen):

The problem is, when I click the Verify button, nothing happens. I’m not routed anywhere and the user’s email-is-verified field is not updated. Any ideas?

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