Modal view not rendering correctly

Hi all,

I’ve defined a modal like this:

However, when I view it in the app, the rectangle shows up thing as if its not recognising the image and other elements

How/what do I need to do to rectify this:

Try to group rectangle with all elements :wink:

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Thanks @bioveneris - I will do that an let you know if it rectified it, as I need to do another build and upload it to testflight

Use the CTRL - X on the image component, and then select the text inside the rectangle and then hit CTRL -V. This should group them together effectively without making any weird groups.

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Try grouping the components inside the list and then group the other components including the list. At the end you will get a full group that includes the list , orange rectangle , text , icon and if there is any other component.

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Hi, after grouping elements, set the link transition to “Modal”. So you won’t see black rectangle like now

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Thanks @Eugen a detail I missed and it looks much better now!

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@mrentrekin thats a great tip - previously it was the grouping that was stopping the chat icon from displaying correctly

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