More than one profile, not loading

Hi Guys
I just have a problem with the app I am creating. I am creating an app where people can log in as a user then under the user profile they can create a business account. I want them to be able to post as the user or under the business name they have created. I also want them to have as many businesses as they want under the user profile. My problem now is that when I try to test by posting the lists within in some lists are not populating, it just shows the loading circle. I would like to know if this will be better if I upgrade or is there something I can do. I do not want to upgrade then find trouble still. Please advise.

Hey Andile,

I’d love to help. I recently built a similar application but with a teacher having multiple classrooms with specific dynamic data for each.

Could include some screenshots of how you have your database structured and the screens causing this issue.

Yes please. The problem is that I have deleted everything. But I am starting over right now so as soon as I get there I will send it. Very sorry but I will send it.