Photo Editing template/APIs like IG story or Snapchat

Hi, I’m a beginner here in Adalo – I joined this community literally yesterday and I’m impressed that an app can be released by someone with non-engineering experience like myself.

Now, I’m creating an event-sharing app where users can attach their photos as well – I’m planning to use this clone.

When users post their photos, I want to let them edit photos such as drawing / adding stickers as they do on IG Story or Snapchat (see the attached) with nice GUI.

I went over this thread as well, but not sure if this is the best fit to what I want to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to add photo editing feature on this app? Hope my question here wasn’t too basic or totally off the point.

If I have to ask engineer friends, I could so they can do some more in depth.

However, I was hoping someone expert in Adalo can give me some ideas here:)

Any suggestions are welcome.



Hi Yudai,

I don’t know of a photo editor as such right now, but I made a video on using an image generation API (Bannerbear) here-


Thanks a lot. I watched this video. Let me see if I can have this built in my app:)

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