Move me to free plan

Adalo, move me to free plan damn it:) What are you thinking, only how to grab money is in your minds? Your plans are terible. Here you can’t build nothing. Chat? You are joking? max 8 sek with only text message. UI? Look to flutterFlow and keep it in silance. Back-end? Kids level if you will compier to flutterFlow. So move me to free plan, I want to disconect my credit card and grab my own some codes. If not, so you will se me again in youTube and it will be about your not fair behavior. You really anoynig company

Hi @Simonas1981

I understand you’re frustrated, but please this forum is not for stuff like that,

I suggest you contact support here, and either way, I am mentioning the Adalo team here too

It’s a bit unnecessary to have a rant like this. No one forced you into anything. Businesses are free to choose their value proposition, business and pricing model.

You know how much tickets I already took? I guess +10 and zero reaction. They forcing me to choose some pay plan. It really sucks. Why, because they take from me money for all year, when I was in blaze plan or how it calls. And even not askingt to give me halth of sum. Just free plan and removing credit card and that’s it. Asking too much? You think it’s fair?

And I nothing say about that. It’s only my own opinion and if you want I can say some numbers - 1 billion actions only with firbase will cost me about 1K:) You understand that numbers - 1 billion actions will cost 1K. And it’s fast and strong database. Now I am almoust finishing real-time chat section, with all stuff which needs for chat. And you know how it works in Android? Instantly, how and must work app. But you are free to choose what you want. I just want to finish deals with Adalo and thats it.

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