Multi-Select Dropdown issue (only last item selected works)


I am struggling using the multi-select dropdown component.

I believe I set it up properly but the issue comes when I try to select multi items from my list using the multi-select dropdown filter.

Only the last one selected becomes an active filter to my list.
What I need is that my list is updated even when I select multi items.

Here is a quick video :

thanks for your help!!


Hey there @CyrilVan

You currently have the filter set to only display the category that you put into the input, so when you click a new item, you remove the old item selected and add the new item selected from the list. This will only allow 1 item from the dropdown list to be selected, filtered, and displayed at a time.

Here’s how to get it to work:
Add a many-to-many relationship between the user and the collection you’re trying to filter. Have 2 lists. 1 list will be “Collection > All records” and then the 2nd list will be “Collection > User relationship records”. Set visibility on the first list only visible when all records where user relationship contains user count is equal to 0. Set visibility on the 2nd list to only visible if all records > relationship > contains logged-in user count is not equal to 0.

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Hi @CyrilVan,

For setup this component you need a Many to Many relationship between that collection and the Users collection!

Check this! : Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive

Edit : Just saw Mario’s post! Added Nicely!

Thank you

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Thank you both!
I will look at it ASAP

Have a great Day!

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Hi Dilon,

Thanks a lot. I used your multi select.mp4 video solution and it works out well.

One more thing would be great tough :slight_smile:
How to add a “Select all” toggle ?
(or any other simple way to allow user to select (and deselect) all items)



Still batch update is not available,unfortunately! :no_mouth: ( Vote here : Create/Update Multiple Records | Voters | Adalo ) But you can use the Countdown Trick as a workaround!

See this post by Flawless! : Multiselect v List with toggles - #2 by Flawless

Thanks Dilon,

Too bad !

Ok i ll try the count down trick then.

Have a great Day!