Multi-step form creation

Hi there,

Sorry if this question already was there, but I can’t find anything that could help solve my problem.

I want to create an application where the user creates a inquiry using a multi-step form. The entire user path should look like this:

  1. Users press the button and are linked to the second page
  2. On the second page he selects one category and is linked to the third page
  3. On the third page he selects a sub-category and is linked to the fourth page
  4. On the fourth page, he fills a few text fields and provides data, after that press submit button and then inquiry is saved in the database.

I’m thinking the best way would be to create an automatic record in collection with inquiry_id and empty fields which would be updated with each step and finally saved after the user submits the query.

Can someone help me figure out how to do this with Adalo? Or maybe it’s impossible to do and I’m just wasting my time trying to do it.

Hi @Mindaugas,

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Yeah, this is a one way! But another way is to create the record on the fourth page! This will be good because when creating the record before and if the user close the app fully while that user is on the second or third pages and not selected anything then you will get a empty record. But yeah you can delete them but it’s your choice! :+1:

It’s possible with Adalo :raised_hands:

Let us know if you still can’t figure it out!

Thank you

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