Multi-Tier Filtering Modal

Hey guys,

I am currently building a happy hour directory app and wanted to add in a multi-tier filtering modal that users can use to get the exact results they are looking for. I want them to be able to click a filter button, and then have the following options:

  • Choose an Island (Checkbox)
  • Choose a City (Selection)
  • Distance (sliding bar)
  • Most Liked (checkbox)
  • Happy Hour Starting Time (selection)

If anyone can provide a video explanation or has a clone example I could look at I would greatly appreciate it. Here is an example of kind of the layout of what Im looking for…

Hi @ryanb ,

My suggestion would be to create tmp variables in users collection, so you can access it by logged in user, either update or just get value in magic text.

checkbox need true/false property
selection need city collection
sliding bar need number property
starting time need happy hour collection

Hopefully, this gives direction to what you want to experiment with.

Thank you Yongki, Ill play around with it an see what I can come up with.

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