Multidropdown search capital letters

Hi everybody!

I noticed that search in multiselect dropdown component is working kind of funny…
If I try to search for an item in a list starting with small letters search is working fine.
If I start writing with a capital letter search is not working.

Here are some screenshots

Maybe I did some wrong adjustments for this component?


Hi @Lyasya,

Just checked and happens the same issue! I think the Developer need to fix this. The Developer is Conroy Whitney! You need to contact him.

Another issue in this component is if I select Batman and go to another screen and come back or close the app and open again and come back again to that screen the checkbox is inactive and the selected ones are not preselected but they are still stored in the relationship property!

The workaround is to use a custom list with a toggle.

Hope it will be fix soon!

Thank you

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hi @dilon_perera

Thank you so much for investigating!
I will contact the developer and use a workaround in the meantime!


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