Multiple Database Relationships Setup Help

I struggling to get my head around how to setup relationships for the following scenario.

Using the coaching template as an example, it is currently setup to have one coach, many clients, with many assignments.

I’d like the app to be able to have many coaches, who each have their own clients, and each client has their own content.

I’ve managed to get to the stage where I can have multiple coaches linked to their respective clients but I can’t link the coach, client and client content together.

Is it even possible to setup a 3 connection level relationship like this?

The more I think about how to setup the DB’s and connections the more confused I get…Any help much appreciated!

I don’t think you need to link the content with the coach, because the coach can access this information through their client relationship. This assumes each client has just one coach.

Coach > current client > content.

I think no need for extra relationship between coach and content.

@theadaloguy - yes, that works but the issue is the client logging in and having access to the content their coach has created for them.

I’m sure the problem is that I have multiple coaches and clients all in the user database, so any relationship I set up applies to all when that shouldn’t be the case.

For example, a coach can have many clients but a client only one coach but they are all in the user database for access. Therefore the relationship is any user (not specific to coach or client) can have multiple clients.

I’m not sure how or even if it is possible to setup two relationships that apply to different users in the same DB?

Hope that all makes sense!

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