Multiple Markers > Link to page

I want to upgrade to Adalo Pro and use Multiple Markers, can i add link to another screen to this markers separately ?


No sure what you are trying to do.

Could you provide visuals to help us better understand what you are trying to do?

Like a screen recording (I recommend Loom).

Idea is like that:

I have 20-30 custom markers on google maps. and i have another 20-30 screens which are related to this markers (for example custom location 1 > Separate screen with this restaurant information)

User open app > See the map with location markers > Tap on marker > Screen with information (or modal) show to user

Hi @crazymurlock,

What you need to do is in your map on the second section ( can’t remember the name ) you can set custom makers and set click actions. In there add a link action that goes to that screen and in that screen you can add current location> data with magic text.

Hope I understood you correctly!

Thank you

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