Multiple records in one PDF

I would like to pack several records from adalo into a PDF. How do I get multiple records from a list into my PDF? I don’t want one PDF per record but for example a list in my PDF with several records. Ist it possible?

Hey @MichaelApp you will need to use the PDFgeneratorAPI component found in the component store. Then you will need to get a PDFgeneratorAPI account.

But ist works with them?

what do you mean?

oh lists? Yes, you can get multiple collections and filter them. It’s pretty comprehensive. I used it to extract a list of

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But its not so cheap or?

Well no, you get a free trial but after that its a couple hundred dollars a year… I know!

You can contact the team at PDFgeneratorAPI and work out a plan that works for you

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Thanks @Archer