Sending Multiple Records with API

So i am trying to use a Webhook to take the information from Adalo and send it to CraftMyPDF to automatically develop a pdf report of a whole bunch of sessions.

I am unsure how to send a bunch of sessions in order for them all to display on the PDF. Using JSON to test the PDF i can use arrays to display all the information. However, sending the data from Adalo there is no way for me to actually send arrays with all the session I want to display.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?


Hi @Archer,

Not sure! Maybe Victor ( @Victor - legend in Integromat/Make ) can add some information about that!

But there’s a component called PDF Generator that can do this job! Created by Visual Dev Studio ( @knight )!

Instructions : How to use the PDF Generator component/API? - #4 by knight

And a same topic : Custom Action -> Create PDF -> How to pass collection not only one record?

Thank you

@knight is perfect he can adapt his coponent for your needs in a very short time!


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