Multiple Welcome/Splash screens

Hi, is it possible to have multiple welcome splash screens with a swipe function to move from one to the next?
I’ve tried to create this, but have only succeeded by placing a ‘Next’ text button to link to the next screen…it looks rubbish, so if there’s an easier way to do it, or if there’s an example out there I’d very much appreciate some help/pointers.

I’m new to Adalo so apologies if this has already been asked (although I have search the forum without success)


Hi @msmurfitt,

As I know swipe is not supported in Adalo (the only component I’ve seen it working is Deck Swiper component).

Though you could modify interface UI to make the intro look nicer - for example, with progress bar (found on Marketplace).

As for the logic, you might find this video useful: Small hints: saving time - use one screen to show repetitive screens

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks Victor, appreciate your help.

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