Small hints: saving time - use one screen to show repetitive screens

In this video I show how to save time when creating several similar/repetitive screens (i.e. intro, onboarding, story, questionnaire, wizard, etc.). Instead of creating several screens manually, one can create just one screen and add some logic in DB and in the app.
The logic is driven by DB entries, so potentially it can be expanded. For example, you can return user to specific intro screen if onboarding is not passed, or change the screens sequence, etc.


Great productivity tip Victor!

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Hi @Victor,

Thank you again for your thoughtful tutorial! I’ve tried to implement it in my quiz app. However it seems that it won’t work for me. When clicked, the “Next button” would automatically take the user to the “Home screen”. In other words, the TMPIntroStep in the “User” collection is always filled with “999” and there is no progression of steps.

I thought that it may be because on this repetitive screen, I display a text (the questions and answers) with some MagicText and somehow it is not related but can’t figure it out.

Thank you for your help if you have some time to consider

Hi @Sual,

I would advice to check if you “initialize” the TMPIntroStep before the start of the quiz (set it to 1). Also, check the database - your NextStepID/PrevStepID should be filled in correctly.

I don’t think it is related to screen’s “payload” - unless you’re doing something with TMPIntroStep in this payload :).

Best regards, Victor.

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I think I did it right, here is the setup…

Capture d’écran 2020-10-12 à 18.39.16

Capture d’écran 2020-10-12 à 18.42.23

Hi @Sual,

It’s difficult to understand what’s wrong with your settings judging just by the screenshots.

Quiz table seems ok.

I see on Button7 (Continuer) that you update User twice for some reason. Why would you want to do it?

Also, please note: that upon clicking Next (next question), you need to update User’s property “TMPQuizStep” to NextStepID. This will allow the list to refresh automatically with the next question.

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Hi @Victor

Yes, actually I only need the “Next” button so my button7 “Continuer” is this one.

One is to set TMPQuizStep to 1, the other is to set TMPQuizStep to QuizNextStepId.

Also, I have filtered the Quiz List like that :

Now the TMPQuizStep updates correctly in the database up to 10 and then nothing displays. But the screen does not refresh (no new questions or answers)

Hi @Sual,

You need to have a conditional action to link to final after-quiz screen. This is shown on the video, 6:40 timestamp (approx).

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Thank you again for your time. $

Actually the conditional action link when TMPQuizStep = 10 is set up and work properly.

But every time I hit the “Next” Button, the screen won’t refresh (questions and answers won’t change).

Hi @Sual,

Hope I showed how to fix that in my video (DMed)


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Your video definitely solved the problem.

Thank you

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Awesome @Victor, thank you for your video!

Just one note, your tutorial shows how to do it when the user is already logged in, and not for when people want to create a “slider” like this for non-logged in users, for example when it’s the first time someone opens the app.
I managed to create it by following some parts of your tutorial and by using an input to check the Slider ID, I’m sure you already know how to do it so it would be great and useful if you could create another video for people in this situation too :smiley:

(I could have used the Image slider component but I wanted to display text and not only images.)

Hi @ChristopheA,

Thanks for the idea for the video! May be I’ll create it sometimes. This could be especially useful for new app users as you’ve said.

Best regards, Victor.

@Victor I love this feature, and I’ve started to look at how I could use this for a quiz. When I click next, I want to be able to assign the user a mark for a correct answer, how would you suggest this is done?