Log-in with multi-sided app

I’m currently working on an app for a programming course at the university of Lugano. The idea is a multi-sided app which can match a client user with an advisor user so that the client can send messages and ask about topics or set-up a meeting.

I have a problem with the log-in, since it seems that the application doesn’t recognise the true/false condition in the database and, after the log-in, the screen becomes white and I can’t go further.
To avoid this problem I added an intermediate screen to redirect the user to two different screens depending on the true/false condition. It seems that the app open that page but then it’s not able to redirect to the screen I want to see.

Does someone have an explanation to this problem? I hope I have been clear. Thanks!

To make a multi-sided app you can use two apps with a shared database, make one for the admin app and one for the client app that will help as much and reduce the lag!

Hi @matteocorti ,

You still can do interactions without multi-sided app, but if your app grows bigger and need additional separation for additional security breach, you can start splitting the app.

This is not related to multi-sided, but you can check whether you have home screen.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 6.46.54 AM

Welcome screen is unlogged in user is directed to.
Home screen is logged in user is directed to.

Hi Matteo

Check out Adalo’s “Coaching” app template (can be found when you create a new app).

That’s the easiest/best example of how to structure the multi-sided app.


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