Using 2 filters on 'All users' list not working

I have a list of all users and two text input fields on a page. One text input is looking for users’ emails and the other is for their temporary password. The list then has two filters

  1. Their email is equal to the email input on the list page
  2. Their temporary password is equal to a temp password input on the list page

However, if both fields are blank the list shows all possible users, once you enter a character into the email field the email input filters work accordingly. The same goes for the temp password filter. However, it seems that despite the ‘and’ logic the two filters are operating independently and are not jointly conditional

I’m just trying to recreate this but cant see where I’ve gone wrong - Using Temporary Passwords in Adalo

One thing to keep in mind with this method and if you’re planning on publishing to the AppStore, Apple doesn’t like when the button disappears. I’m currently seeking another way to do this.

oh no, have you had any luck finding another solution? It’s so frustrating that I can’t create users by API. It’s the final hurdle and one I honestly never expected to cause me such a headache

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I fully agree! I"m working on it as I type, it’s an important feature I need as Coaches have to be able to invite new players to the team.

Ok I think I might something, with the update in the past must we have password permissions, I just tried it and it worked, so now some testing Adalo tutorials: customised password reset - #12 by Victor

But before the user can login in, it’ll probably be best to force the new user to change their password

Ok so here are my steps

  • Change permission to everyone as stated in the link
  • Create a custom login form with the button in a list pointing to all members
  • In that button have 3 actions, Log the user in > a Link to the new password screen > link to Home Page
  • If the new user’s Temp Password is not equal to zero, force them to the Create new password screen, otherwise bypass and go straight to your landing page
  • On the new password screen, simply update the new users record Temp Pass to 0

I’ll be testing this more to make sure it works as expected in different scenarios

How is the user able to login? My users wouldn’t have had their actual password at this stage.

Right that’s the reason you change the permissions so you can issue a temp password. I have a Rand number generator setup.

I have found a workaround but the filtering acting incorrectly is stopping it from working.

Rather than have the button disappear on the temp password page, have it redirect to a validator page. On this page, there is a list of all users that match the input components from the temp password page. That list also has a 3-second countdown and when the countdown is complete it automatically pushes the user to a create password screen.

If there is no match, the list won’t appear, revealing a back button that is hidden underneath it, allowing the user to try again.

This method works apart from in my instance the list filter is acting as an ‘or’ rather than an ‘and’.

I see, but how are you able to communicate this password to them, are you manually emailing out the password? My app has quite a large waiting list 1000+ so manual isn’t feasible for me

Oh that’s a separate post :slight_smile: I’m using SendInBlue to issue emails.

Hey @tbel,

Just in case: it is not recommended to use conditional actions after sign-up or login, as they may not work correctly.
There were quite a few threads on the forum about this (dating back to 2020).


I’ve foud using a standard form seems to be the only way to get conditional actions to work after login

Please. This has been discussed numerous times on the forum. Sometimes conditional actions after login works, and in some time they start glitching.

The probable reason for this is that user is not “fully logged-on” after these actions. So he needs to be sent to another screen, where you can do all conditionals.

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